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New paper in PLOS ONE: Deciphering moral intuition: The role of agents, deeds, and consequences

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

In this paper, Veljko Dublevic, Eric Racine, and I investigate moral judgments and the influence of three components: the character of a person (Agent-component, A); their actions (Deed-component, D); and the consequences brought about in the situation (Consequences-component, C). We use the ADC model and simultanously test the precepts from three dominant moral theories (virtue ethics, deontology, and consequentialism) as well as their interactions. Therefore, we conducted two large-scale experiments and provide a first empirical investigation of predictions yielded by the ADC model. We show that the effects of the A-, D-, and C-components all matter and interact. We also introduce a new scale measuring the preferences for precepts in certain moral theories (PPIMT) (Link to paper).


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