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Paper on Machiavellianism in the context of unhealthy parenting behavior

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

In this new paper, Philipp Linden and I present an experiments using a factorial survey design involving parents (with school-aged children) from the U.S. In this experiment, we investigates how eight experimentally-varied situational (dis-)incentives (e.g., financial gains and drug properties) affect parents' underlying reasoning of giving prescription stimulant drugs to healthy children to boost their school and extracurricular performance. Moreover, we show that Machiavellianism influences parents' decisions, but also that Machiavellians react differently to certain situational (dis-)incentives than non-Machiavellians. By uncovering several person-situation interactions, our study aims at advancing the scholarship on this parenting behavior by testing novel, theory-based hypotheses. [Link to the paper]


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